A proposed Elseworlds story, where obviously genders are reversed. The main characters were a mix of alternate characters or simply feminized versions and went like this: Batman - Barbara Wayne (similar origin); Aquawoman - Mera; Flash - Jesse Quick; Green Lantern - Halle Jordon (same origin); Wonder Man - Hercules; Martian Womanhunter - J'ann J'onnz; Superboy - Kal El (Exact same origin, but on this world he's named SuperBOY, in the same pejorative way most adult female superhoeroes are named WhateverGIRL instead of WhateverWOMAN).

There was a lot of reversed gender quirks in the story: Hilary Rodham was president, and the first husband was Bill Clinton-Rodham; Women didn't go to Hooters for drinks, they went to PECKERS (with a woodpecker in the logo); etc.

The main story dealt with an alien invasion by a brutally patriarchal race, who upon finding this "backward" civilization, decide to set it right by force. The fight goes badly, and when it looks like all is lost, Martian Womanhunter reveals her, or I should say HIS secret. Turns out J'ann is really J'onn. Upon arriving on Earth years ago, he immediately saw the way the wind blew, and decided to be a member of the "advantageous" sex. But now this ruse is no longer necessary; he's happy the alien race has come and set it right, and willingly joins them.

Of course he's faking his treason, and during the occupation of Earth by the aliens, he works behind their backs to release the heroes and defeat the aliens. And he does, and they do. And in the end, have women seen the error of their ways, and end the oppression of men....? Hell no. Everything is back to the way it was. The only difference now is the price J'onn paid in saving the Earth. Revealing his true sex, he can't go back, and finds himself down one rung of the societal ladder.

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